Question: Song How Gentle Is The Rain–based On What Mozart Piece?

What is Lovers concerto based on?

A Lover’s Concerto (Based on J.S. Bach’s “Minuet in G Major” from ‘Anna Magdalena Notebook ‘) by Henry Mancini on Amazon Music –

Who sings the song How gentle is the rain?

The Toys

How gentle is the rain Wiki?

“The Gentle Rain” (“Chuva Delicada”) is a 1965 bossa nova composition by Luiz Bonfá, with lyrics by Matt Dubey. Originally written in A minor key and 4/4 time, this song was first released as part of the motion picture soundtrack of the 1966 film The Gentle Rain of the North-American director Burt Balaban[1].

What year did Lovers Concerto come out?

The Toys Sing “A Lover’s Concerto” and “Attack!” was the sole album of the girl group The Toys. It was released in 1966 right after the success of the group’s first two hits, both of which are mentioned in the album’s title.

Who wrote Minuet in G?

This piece, “Minuet in G,” was attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach, and for hundreds of years it was widely thought that he was the composer. However, some of the pieces in Anna Magdalena’s 1725 notebook were anonymous.

What is a minuet dance?

Minuet, (from French menu, “small”), elegant couple dance that dominated aristocratic European ballrooms, especially in France and England, from about 1650 to about 1750. Typically, the third movement of a Classical chamber work (e.g., string quartet) or symphony is a minuet.

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