Question: Rappers Who Sampled Mozart?

Who has sampled Mozart?

“Lacrimosa Dies Illa” From Requiem Mass, K. 626 (1791)

  • Live by the Gun (Video Version) by Waka Flocka Flame feat. Ra Diggs and Uncle Murder (2010)
  • Lacrymosa by Evanescence (2006)
  • Runaway (Full-length Film) by Kanye West (2010)

Who sampled Mozart’s Requiem?

Era’s ‘Madeus + Mozart’s Requiem’ sample of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s ‘”I Introitus” From Requiem Mass, K. 626’ | WhoSampled.

Who sampled Requiem in D Minor?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s ‘Requiem in D Minor’ sample of Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Meine Seel Erhebt Den Herren’ | WhoSampled.

Who sampled Lacrimosa?

Evanescence’s ‘Lacrymosa’ sample of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s ‘”Lacrimosa Dies Illa” From Requiem Mass, K. 626’ | WhoSampled.

Can I sampled Mozart?

If you perform and record the piece yourself, you’re fine, as most classical music is public domain. However, if you take a sample from a recording, that is usually copyrighted.

Is build ab Mozart?

TikTok star Bella Poarch’s debut single “Build a Bitch” is a jaunty pop track with a catchy hook. But according to a popular conspiracy theory, Poarch stole that tune from Mozart. That’s because the music they’re sampling isn’t a piece by Mozart.

What song does Meek Mill sample in Lord knows?

The intro, “Lord Knows,” is built on a sample of Mozart’s “Requiem in D Minor,” which comes with built-in pomp. Here, Meek Mill is defiant: “I just came from jail, ain’t do no crying/ They put me through hell, sharpened my iron/ I did my push-ups and I roared with the lions.”

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